Broken Hearted

Last week G and I made our way to a local salvage company. I was on the hunt for some really cool chippy wood to use for my hat racks. It was raining and there was a TV show being shot in front of the building so we had to park down the block. I could tell G really didn’t want to be there. I rummaged through a stack of wood until I had four decent pieces set aside. As I climbed off the pile and turned, there she was, green, chippy and dirty. I was in love. I ran over to her. Sure, she was missing a pane of glass and the top needed to be replaced, but she was perfectly imperfect!


I immediately found the gal in charge to find out the price. Wow, another break – $35? Are you kidding? But G had other plans. He had already paid for the wood, had someone put it in the truck and was impatiently waiting, tapping his foot on the ground. The rain started coming down and I gave in. I left without my love. But tomorrow I would call and she would be mine.

 Tomorrow came and went. I got busy and let it slip away.

But, today while I was waiting in the doctor’s office with G, I thought about her. Could she still be there waiting for me? Could I be so lucky? When we got home I called. I gave a description to the gal on the other end. “She is green, chippy and about 6 feet tall. Is she still there, I asked”? The gal, without hesitation said, “Yes. My heart was happy. OMG! I’m so lucky! “I’ll be right there to pick her up, I said”. It was a 20 minute drive. I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning.

I ran right past the gal I talked to, and went outside where I had left her. I could see a cabinet. It was green and it was chippy – but it wasn’t MY girl. This one was metal. I ran inside and asked where she was. You know the wooden one. I called, you said she was here. So where is she, I demanded?

“Oh, that one. It sold the day after we got it, she said”. My heart dropped. Sank right to my feet!

So, I know we all know the moral of this story…when you see that special something – get it! Your husband will still be there tomorrow, that special piece will not!


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