A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That

Well yesterday was “check on the shop” day. I like to go in on Mondays and straighten up after the weekend. See what sold and make a list of what needs to be restocked. My space is uber small and anything out of place is really noticeable. The weekend was good because a little bit of this and a little bit of that sold. No big pieces, lots of small gift items.

I expected that for this time of year so I did have a few frames with me that I picked up from a Mississippi artist over the weekend. They are super cute and will make perfect stocking stuffers. Lots of my re-purposed wood sold. My brother hooked me up a couple of months ago with some gorgeous wood that was from a 100 year old church in North Louisiana. Someone had the nerve to start a burn pile! He scooped up what he could for me and I don’t even want to think of what happened next…


I have been making cute little coat or hat hooks with the wood that I was fortunate enough to get. But I’m almost out. So, I am on the hunt for more. I can almost promise it won’t be from a 100 year old church, but I am hoping for some real character.


After my trip to Magazine Street, I thought I’d take a short bike ride around the neighborhood. I use to be an avid rider. Sometimes logging in as much as 20-25 miles a day. Well, needless to say that has not happened in a really long time. I put my bike in the shop for a tune up and now I’m ready. Maybe not 25 miles a day ready, but ready to start! We have some really nice bike paths within a short distance from my house, but I haven’t riden in such a long time that I’m starting with short runs in the neighborhood. I miss it soooo much and it felt soooo good to start again. I wasn’t gone long, 15-20 minutes but when I walked in the house I noticed a ladder in the middle of the livingroom. That always scares me. I hate “G” climbing ladders now. His balance is not good and he has taken a couple of falls recently. I could hear him calling “T” come here. Scared me more. When I got to the first bedroom, there he was standing on a step stool holding a dangeling ceiling fan in his hand! Seems my man decided to clean ceiling fans while I was out and somehow he pulled on the fan and well, it just came down. Not all the way off but dangeling off. Not prepared for this, I just had to disconnect it and get it all the way down. So add that to my list of projects. Get the ceiling fan back up. Welcome to my world!


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